frequently asked questions

How much is it?

$550 early bird if paid by the mid June, $600 thereafter. A secure booking site is used so I do not have your credit card details.

What does that cover?

2 nights accommodation, 6 meals (allergies, dietary requirements are catered for), all retreat activities, workbook, lots of little treats and gifts throughout the weekend.

Where is it held?

Anapana Ridge, 35 Gilchrist Road, LESMURDIE.

Do I have to share a room?

Probably not. If you do, I take a lot of factors into consideration when I put people together, and your requests will be catered for as much as possible.

Is it a religious retreat?

No not at all. It is a weekend away to remind yourself that you are special, and that if you don’t look after yourself you won’t have the ability to look after others. As women it is in our nature to put ourselves last, and sometimes, we ourselves forget our hopes and dreams as life gets in the way.

Will I have to speak in front of people or share in groups?

No, you will have to introduce yourself on the first night to everyone, but other than that it is a very self exploring weekend. We do things as a group but it is up to you if you want to talk to others.

I can’t make it for the whole weekend, can I just come for a day?

Unfortunately, no. I don’t start the weekend until everyone can be there on the Friday evening. I believe that the weekends success is the bonding of the group and the energy of everyone, so I do ask that you commit to the whole weekend. I run these every year.

How many women go?

The attendance is limited to 14 attendees and 2 facilitators (Robyn and Janet).

What are we doing on the Retreat?

When I went to Bali on a women’s retreat in September 09, I knew I needed to go for some time out for me and to have a break, not really sure from what, but just needed a break.
While I was there amongst 13 other women who had come for very similar reasons, I realized that women are very similar, no matter their walks of life, age, family circumstances etc. We all give quite easily but have trouble receiving. We have trouble hearing positive things about ourselves. We put everyone else first and feel very guilty (and not worthy) if we don’t.
I realized in Bali that I have everything I need inside me to be beautiful, I just need to believe in it and in myself. I am worthy of time to myself. I am worthy of not being demanded on all the time. I am allowed to say no and can do it in a way that I am respected for doing so. I am a very important person in this world, mostly to me and I now believe that.
I would like to bring some of this, at least, if not more, to you. Together with a group of like-minded women you will experience gentle activities to heal your spirit and nourish the soul, with time to play, rest, talk, think and simply be yourself….without interruptions and external demands.
Friday night we will have some pampering time and then a meditation before we go to bed.
Saturday we will do a creativity process and develop a Vision Map for yourself. Deep within, we all have secret urges and dreams. Your Vision Map is a way of tapping into those urges and dreams and creating a picture of what you want to accomplish. What would you love to do? What brings you joy? In your heart of hearts, what do you long for? What would you do if you could not fail? These are the kinds of questions you will ask yourself as you launch into creating a Vision Map. All you have to do is to be able to glue paper to do this activity, so don’t start panicking if you are not “creative”!
Also on Saturday we will do some activities to identify your self-talk and what this creates for you, positive and negative.
Saturday evening will be a beautiful candlelight meditation after dinner.
Sunday I would like to start by focusing on Gratitude and identifying and saying thank you for what we have.
Sunday afternoon will be various concluding activities to enable you to return home and keep the inspired feelings with you.
Guided meditations will be interspersed through to weekend to allow your mind to be still and calm. You don’t need to have meditated before, so don’t panic about that either.
I know that coming to a weekend like this can be scary, uncomfortable and maybe getting you out of your comfort zone. But, let me say this, if you have heard or read about this Retreat and felt a need or longing to attend, then please trust yourself and come. Often we need to listen and trust our heart voice, and let it override the rational head voice.
I hope you will honor yourself and give yourself these 48 hours. You deserve it!

Please call me if you have any questions or concerns