If you are a woman whose life is going through a change, a change without your choosing, you have come to the right place.

Change is all around us, some wonderful, some not so exciting.

All change takes adjustment. If a change has happened in your life that you feel you had no control over, then the adjustment, feelings and possibly grief are going to be overwhelming.

This is where The Power of Women can help. One on one counselling/coaching, workshops and retreats are all available.

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Robyn Hoffmann has been a social worker and natural therapist for 26 years and is the owner of The Power of Women. She has worked nationally with hundreds of women going through a “change without choice”. Her passion is women, and helping them find their inner strength and purpose.
Robyn intimately understands the journey of change without choice and has been able to support and nurture women who are travelling a similar path.
As Australia’s leading women’s change agent and personal growth expert, she helps women go from feeling like a victim to feeling empowered through one on one work, workshops and retreats.

Sometimes life is a like a treadmill that someone forgot to turn off. We just keep going faster and faster until we are sent flying. There comes a time when we need to slow down, take time out from the many demands life throws at us, to remember who we are. The retreat was like a ‘defrag’ you run through your computer to bring all the bits back in line. I walk away with my feet firmly on the ground and so blessed to have met some beautiful beings along the way.